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This Ramadan, invest in MPAC’s critical work to change how America views Islam and Muslims.

We’re doing this by building…

Progress in Perceptions

Power in Politics

Pride in Identity

There’s a problem.

American Muslims are still the target of hateful stereotypes. No one should feel like an outsider in their own home. You can change that!

And you want to make a difference.

You can help change how America views Islam and Muslims.
MPAC Hollywood Bureau panel at Sundance

Make Progress in Perceptions

Pop culture is the only contact millions of Americans have with Muslims and Islam, and for decades, we have been portrayed as stereotypes. Our Hollywood Bureau has become the go-to firm for entertainment executives, filmmakers, and creatives looking to get it right.

We improve stories about Muslims on screen by consulting on projects from blockbuster films to Superbowl commercials, connecting the industry with Muslim talent, and providing thought leadership to industry leaders.

Congressional Leadership Development Program fellows in front of Capitol Hill in DC
MPAC Muslim Ban Congressional event - Ilhan Omar

Build Power in Politics

 Our work in Washington, DC ensures that Muslim voices are present at the decision-making table and that we are mobilized for the 2022 elections. We work diligently with policymakers to block bigoted policies like the Muslim Ban and advocate for legislation that safeguards our community. 



Inject Pride in Our Identity

We need a Congress that reflects its people. That’s why we’ve built the largest platform for proud young Muslims to enter careers in Congress and public service through our Congressional Leadership Development Program, with 10 weeks of immersive and hands-on experience, coaching, and training on Capitol Hill.

We’ve been in the fight for 30 years.

MPAC young leaders inside Capitol Hill

Planting the seeds

We trained 600 Muslims and counting to enter public service, Hollywood, and news media. Because tomorrow’s challenges are evolving, so must our solutions.

MPAC young leaders back

Influencing change

Our program alumni are now leaders at NBC, ACLU, Google, and more. Because we can’t be influencing change if we’re not present in the room.

Improving stories

Improving stories

We consult on projects from blockbuster films and indies to Superbowl ads and documentaries. Because the tide is changing and strong stories can lead the way.

Congressional testimony against white supremacist violence

Protecting your rights

We push back against bigoted policies and build allies in Congress. Because we’re moving the needle from being merely accepted to being celebrated.

I’ve known of your work in Los Angeles for many, many years and it is a double honor to be in Washington DC and see the work you are doing here. The best way to ensure equality and justice is to build bridges in the community and that is exactly what all you are doing.
Congresswoman Judy Chu

Why should I give to MPAC?

Make America human again

MPAC changes how America views Islam and Muslims by working directly with government and Hollywood decision-makers. This improves principled legislation and authentic portrayals on film and TV. We also maintain an eye on the future by training the next generation to become leaders in government and Hollywood.

We’ve come a long way but American Muslims are still the target of hateful stereotypes. We’ve been fighting for you for 30 years and are leveraging our access, networks, and partners to hold people in power accountable and build a future free from fear and bigotry.

God reminds us in the Quran that He will place challenges in front of us as a means for us to rise to our best selves.

“And We will most certainly try you with something of fear and hunger and loss of property and lives and fruits — and give good news to the patient ones.” (2:155)

Thanks to your generosity, we can ensure that all families live without fear and bigotry. Creating change is like running a marathon. And your support can fuel that race.

Make your zakat-eligible and tax-deductible donation today.

Enough is enough with everything this country has done to hurt, target, and wrongly portray the Muslim community. It is our duty and responsibility to right the wrongs that have been done so every person can be seen, heard, and valued and see how important our Muslim brothers and sisters are to our community, our country and our world. We want to change things with you and will help anyway we can. Please always count on us.
Katie Elmore Mota

Co-President, Emmy-Nominated Showrunner, Producer, Wise Entertainment

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Give to change how America views Islam and Muslims.


We’ll Do the Heavy Lifting

From Capitol Hill to Hollywood, we improve perceptions of Muslims.

See the Change

We report back so you see the returns on your donation.

You may be asking…

What’s the point? Nothing will change.

God says in the Quran (13:11), “God does not change the condition of a people until they change the condition within themselves.” Change begins with each of us. And it’s a marathon, not a race. We are in this marathon for you — your support helps fuel the drive toward change. Thanks to you, we have made significant strides in improving policies and perceptions impacting American Muslims.

What makes MPAC different?

With over 30 years of experience and unparalleled access to decision-makers in government and the entertainment industry, we ensure American Muslims are talked to and not talked about.